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Blaze Joint Case

Blaze Joint Case

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Discreet Joint Storage and Protection

Crafted with high-quality, lightweight aluminum, this case is the perfect choice for smokers who want convenient access to their joints.

Sometimes you want to be able to visit a friend or head out for a relaxing evening and take a joint with you without having to take an entire stash box or rolling tray to get it rolled up on site. Especially when you’re traveling light or trying to be more discrete with your herbal enjoyment. That’s why this compact and portable aluminum joint case makes it easy to slide in a spliff and protect it from bending, moisture, or from coming unrolled when you’re traveling or on the go.

Travel-Focused Joint Storage

Purse and Pocket-Sized Container

Quick-Access Tube Design

Premium Aluminium Craftsmanship

Reliable Weed and Tobacco Protection

Perfectly Crafted

Crafted with high-quality, lightweight aluminum that’s durable, moisture resistant, and locks in odors and smells, it’s the perfect choice for smokers who want to keep a joint with them when they’re out hiking, spending time with friends, or just relaxing on the beach.

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